Test Instructions Post (Default Font, Heading 2)

Instructions for replacing the image:

  1. Use the ADD MEDIA button to select or upload an image for this post;
  2. Ensure the image alignment is set to “Centre” and size to “Full Size”, then click on “Select”;
  3. Once the image is inserted, go to Text mode to edit the setting;
  4. Find the image tag starting with <img
  5. Replace the ending of the image tag width=”yzx” height=”xyz” /> with width=”100%” /> ensuring no height value defined.
    Here’s a full example for this particiular post: <img class=”wp-image-1859 size-medium aligncenter” src=”https://toirau.auckland.ac.nz/files/2021/02/IMG_20210103_153913-300×169.jpg” alt=”” width=”100%” />

This would ensure that the image runs across the column, and the text moves with the size of the column. The original image size should be bigger than 460px in width.

The default text font for the content is set to Paragraph. Include a link to the source of this resource. Make sure that you insert a URL underneath the descriptive text.  For example https://example.com

Once you’ve finished your content edits, in Text Settings pop-up window, click on the tick icon to save (green box with a white checkmark). Move on to the next Text box setting and edit the attributes of this resource.

TITLE:  He Tohu Kōrero

ACCESS DATE:  February 2020


LOCATION: National Library He Tohu 

FORMAT TYPE: Video collection

DOMAIN: Te Reo Māori, Tikanga Māori, Mātauranga Māori, Te Tiriti o Waitangi

PLACE:   City name (in te reo and English), Aotearoa, New Zealand